Street Style Love is Spreading

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Viruses have their own way of spreading, it could be by air, blood or by any other transmission. The thing here is that viruses spread fast and can be an epidemic. Today, it’s not a deadly virus that is currently spreading but the love for street style is definitely spreading like an uncontrollable bug over the internet. Infecting every fashionista out there, compelling them to follow the trend and walk down the streets as if they would in a fashion runway.

Street style is something that has started a very long time ago but now has only been looked at carefully and taken notice.

It is a global phenomenon as every big city all over the world today will have citizens dressing up to look better than the rest or to show their creative sense through clothing. Clothes don’t have to be uniforms that will make all of us look the same but it is something that we can choose in order to show our personality and spunk, so to speak.

Back then, it was just a few people who would dress up a bit flamboyantly but when The Sartorialist came to the world of the internet, a lot of other blogs followed and also started photographing people on the streets. It was like a domino effect that since people were taken photographed and posted online, a lot of people have started dressing outrageously on the streets in the hopes to have their 15 seconds of fame.

Although it is a novelty way of getting a little bit more of attention it didn’t really stop a lot of people from dressing the way they want to.

But if you really want to get noticed and posted on the internet and also have the chance to win amazing prizes. is offering a contest where you can show off your street style and be able to get the chance to win goodies. The rules are simple and can be found at You can start with recording a video of yourself on the streets with your outfit in a style that you think is enough to garner the amazing prizes. The video will then have to be uploaded on youtube and you also have to register with the website in order to be able to submit your link and your video to be posted on the website to get votes. Most voted video will be the winner, so check out your closet and start recording!

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Street Style Love is Spreading

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This article was published on 2011/09/05