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Everyone should experience Patong's nightlife at least once. If you choose to enjoy your honeymoon Phuket style, you may find that you have never seen a more outlandish party ever before. The lavish party style is probably not what you are used to any where else on our planet. Nightlife Patong style is very different in many ways. Thailand's beer bars offer the opportunity to play games while you drink beer. They have board games like Jenga and Connect Four to play while you're there. There are rounds of laughter between periods of suspense. This could be one activity to plan for your honeymoon Phuket style.

Some beer bars have games that their proprietor's made up to make their bar more unique than the others. One bar in the nightlife Patong area provides construction tools to its patrons, consisting of hammers, nails, and they keep large pieces of wood for a game that's played by patrons taking turns hammering nails into tree trunks. While a sober person may not have any problem driving a nail into a hardwood tree trunk, but the task gets more daunting as the patrons get intoxicated. That's what you call "getting hammered" nightlife Patong style. Maybe in your plans for enjoying your honeymoon Phuket style, playing billiards or pool as some call it, may be more your cup of tea. You will find plenty of pool tables, but place your wagers very carefully, some of those bar owners have had many years of experience. Another tradition in the beer bars is to hang a bell well within reach of the patrons. If you choose to buy a round of drinks for every one in the bar, ring the bell.

If you are looking for more shock and awe on your honeymoon Phuket style, you may enjoy some outrageous femininity through the flamboyant entertainment of ladyboys and transvestites. In Thailand they are better known as katoeys and what they are doing is called "peacocking." They are so completely outlandish in their "out of this world" costumes as they wander among the crowd or strutting on the catwalk. They sell photos to tourists, so don't try to take a picture of your own. They can become quite irate if you don't tip them for your photos.

Nightlife Phatong style certainly offers up the entertainment for your honeymoon. From gay bars to go-go dancers of both sexes, your honeymoon Phuket style will be a very memorable one. If you prefer something more subtle, don't fret, you can relax in a gorgeous hotel with all of the amenities and you can enjoy all of the different types of cuisines from all over the world. You can "shop til ya drop" all over the city or take in a variety of shows. You can enjoy yourself no matter what type of entertainment you enjoy. It's hard to believe just how economical a trip to Thailand can be. You may really want to take a look at this for your wedding, honeymoon or any other reason! It is certain to be a festive and memorable event.

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Honeymoon Phuket Style!

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This article was published on 2010/10/06
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