Fashion Street Style on the Loose

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It seems that if you walk and roam around the streets of New York, London and Japan it won’t be hard to notice that there are a lot of people who are clad in their own fashion street style. In the park , you will see a group of teens who are simply hanging around in clothes that almost resemble one another although they are individually different somehow and this is a showcase of their own personality.

There will also be individuals walking around the street or park looking as though they’re going to a fashion event. People who will definitely capture your attention or captivate your eyes with their amazing styles materialized in clothes form. There aren’t a lot of people who know how to dress let alone know how to style themselves but there are those who are gifted with the touch of a fashion designer and can pull off looks that strikes through the day on the streets.

It is true that when others have discovered the fashion street style of the creative few through their clothing, several blogs sprouted out of nowhere which posts the amazingly clothed people on the streets who are brave enough to follow the style they want. It turned out to be a global phenomenon and the most successful blog that showcased fashion street style was turned to a book that of course was also a hit around the world, especially in the fashion industry.

After that, other blogs followed and even the most obscure city in the world has a blog dedicated to the fashion street style of its people roaming the streets. Some are promising and provides an air of inspiration to a lot of fashion enthusiasts around the world but the others are very well left unmentioned.

Street style is such a hit that, one of the most current and regarded fashion website today, has launched an end summer street style contest that invites citizens of the United States to join. Joining the contest is simple and there are great prizes that awaits the winner.
One has to video record his or her style on the street and upload it through youtube, signing up is a requirement and the link should be submitted to the website. The rules and details about the contest can be found here at The video posted on the websites will be voted by people and the most votes will win the prizes or remarkable goodies!

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Fashion Street Style on the Loose

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This article was published on 2011/09/06